Sunday, May 08, 2005

Asparagus, romain pepper, onion, mushroom in a thin liquorice sauce and topped with ground black pepper and rock salt.

Asparagus is in the shops, and I just had to buy some, and fry it up in olive oil with mushrooms, onions, and peppers. No steaming for me. There is an interesting story connected with aspargus. Supposedly your pee smells different after eating asparagus. Some people thought this was due to the fact that something in the asparagus was not metabolised properly, and thus gave your pee a distictive smell. But in actual fact some people have just got more sensitive noses.

Lison et al. (1980) concluded that the urinary excretion of an odorous substance after eating asparagus is not an inborn error of metabolism as had been proposed by Allison and McWhirter (1956). Instead they suggested that the detection of the odor constitutes a specific smell hypersensitivity. Their observations on a large number of individuals indicated that those who could smell the odor in their own urine could also smell it in the urine of anyone who had eaten asparagus, whether or not that person was able to smell it himself.

Mitchell et al. (1987) stated that Nencki (1891) had shown that the odor of urine after ingestion of asparagus is due to the volatile sulfur-containing compound methanethiol, which imparts a smell similar to rotten or boiling cabbage.


Patrik Harper said...

No joke of a lie, I ate copious amounts of raw asparagus tips freshly prepared at M&S in the vain hope of intensifying the odour of my wee. The asparagus I received in a luxury hamper prepared for my b-day by Bec&Jim. I could not tell the difference though, which greatly upset me. What has a man got to do these days to get intense wee? Maybe I've just got a crap nose, although I did smell my crap; can't be that crap after all. And guess what pineapple juice does to your sweat?

eyes said...

I noticed a difference in my first pee after I eat asparagus though.
Same thing with coffee :P