Friday, November 11, 2005

Fish and bacon... yeah right

Combine fish and bacon... I don't think so. I mean to say it just does not go. It clashes. Pig and fish just does not look right on the menu. Chuck in a few green beans. Vegetables always bring forgivness. Oh but I forgot about the white wine, a pinot grigio from Northern Italy. That makes everything right. Doesn't it? White wine and fish that has got to be OK, and white wine and pork well that is a combination to die for... NOT!!!

But who could resist Siika dusted down with rye flour and simply spiced with pepper and salt and fried so the skin on the fish is crisp and succulent. I mean to say this is a skin that you do not scrape off and put on the side of the plate. This is a skin that you cut off with the flesh and suck all of the goodness out of it. You eat some green beans because you feel guilty. You drink a little wine to get rid of the guilt. You eat some bacon and feel that you have to do some sort of penence so you eat some more fish to say that you feel sorry for defiling yourself with the evil pork, and so it goes on... fish, beans, wine, pork, until you have finnished the meal.

We always rationalise our reasons for eating stuff that we shouldn't. Fish good, wine bad, Pork bad, beans good. It all evens out in the end... that is if you do not use TOO much salt and pepper, which is diabolical and the most sinful of condiments.

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Hello HyperBob, been looking for the latest info on boils and found Fish and bacon... yeah right. Though not exactly what I was searching for, it did get my attention. Interesting post, thanks for a great read.