Saturday, January 28, 2006

The vampire challenge

Imogen I eat you, originally uploaded by HyperBob.

It all started out in a very innocent manner. I had found a photo by Imogen Cunningham called three vegetables, and as part of a Utata project I dug around in the fridge for three vegetables I could photo, and came across some cloves of garlic that had began to sprout.

So I snaped the garlic and since I had taken it out and it looked so nice I decided to spice it up and bake it in the over along with some potatoe wedges.

I went and bought some fillet steak to go along with it and I used some Nomu African rub to give it some edge.

Can you eat so much garlic in one go? Yes of course you can. The cloves go wonderfully soft and almost caramelised. I do not recommend using a knife and fork to get at the innards, instead use your fingers and suck all the goodness out of them.

If I were a Vampire I wonder how I would react to a nicely done RARE steak with garlic on the side. I think it would be tempting and off-putting at one and the same time. The luciousness of the red meat and the horror of the garlic, but I think that good food inherently has a tension within it. It almost dares you to be brave enough to eat it.

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