Monday, February 27, 2006

Strawberries and black forrest ham on a poppy seed roll

Why not? If things taste good on their own them why not combine them, and see if the combination opens any doors. Hmmm that roll with poppy seeds would burst a saloon door wide open. Those small wild strawberries would cause the camera eyed doors on the Sar wars DeathStar blink open, and if you laid a few slices of German black forest ham on the combination lock at Fort Knox it would blow those vault doors wide open.

Put them all together, bite into them and they prove to be the key that opens Pandora's other box, you know the one she kept under her bed covered with a red silk shawl. The box of pleasures that we are not allowed to taste.

I eat everything. I eat the forbidden. I eat crusts and burnt bits. The brown burnt egg stuck to the bottom of life's pan. I lick the bowl. I eat raw dough. I finger melted chocolate from the pan. I drizzle olive oil on green leaves, shake rock salt on fish heads, suck marrow from the bone, tear crisp spiced brown skin from the bone, squeeze mustard on hot pork, mash bannana on white bread and sprinkle it with sugar.

You ask why I do it and I reply. Why not? Posted by Picasa

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