Friday, April 22, 2005

Avocado, Nori and cold smoked salmon

Fusion food... what's your problem Japanese sushi and Mexican sauce? Avocado and salmon? Kiwi and lime rice? I'm kool with that. If it tastes good eat it.

So the topping was avocado and a spicey chillie sauce, and underneath that was smoked salmon and a strip of seaweed, and in the rice there was parsley corriander and lime.

What a melange. Three flavours competing at the same time. Dirty and diabolical, and every mouthful a surprise. Why content yourself with the safe and trustworthy? Eating should be an adventure, where you are attacked by the hotness of chilli, and you can suck on salmon and taste the smoke from the ancient bark of a juniper tree, and cool down with the lime in the rice.

Bleat bleat whine whine it is not right you say. It is not proper. It is a scandel. How can you even have the affrontory to write about such an abomination? Well I just did, and I just ate everything. Cleaned the plate, and sucked on my moustache for afters.


Riina said...

Are you on a quest to excite, surprise and confuse your palate?
I read a review of a restaurant 'The Fat Duck' in the Sunday Times. Maybe you could pay them a visit when you next come to England!
Mr A A Gill :'They have to play your head and tongue like a harp plucking just the right notes.'
Here is how they plucked his:
We started with green tea and lime mousse poached in liquid nitrogen, which makes you blow steam like a dragon. Then, snail porridge with Spanish ham and shaved fennel. Roast foie gras with almond fluid gel, cherry and camomile. Sardine-on-toast sorbet — they tried to make this with fresh sardines and nice bread, but it only tasted authentic with tinned sardines and Wonderloaf. Salmon poached in liquorice. Poached pigeon breast with pancetta and a Moroccan pastilla of its leg with pistachio, cocoa and five spice. White chocolate and caviar. Smoked bacon and egg ice cream. Chocolates flavoured with leather, pine and tobacco.,,18030-1560361,00.html

HyperBob said...

Hmmm I read the review and A. A Gill was his usual hoity-toity self. I looked up the fat duck on the web and found out that they were hiring new chefs, starting out on April the 1st.

So I thought that it was a spoof... sardine and toast icecream indeed, but then I looked for the name of the chef on the web, and he seems to be a bonafided nut-case who really exists.

Either that ore there is some gigantic conspiricy going on to persuade the unsuspecting that such a chef and such a resturant really exists.

A sort of Marvin Pontiac of the food word.