Sunday, April 24, 2005

Tomato and Kiwi

Went to the Korkeasaari Zoo today for a picnic and made a salad which was topped off with tomatoes and kiwi. Fresh.

Underneath was some shell pasta which had crispy chunks of fried bacon, mozerella cheese, and pickled gherkin. To give it a little bite I sprinkled in some "aromasalt" and for some extra tang mayonese.

We ate it while the brown bears played, and the seals basked on the warm rocks, and the seagulls swooped overhead and tried to steal chips from the waitress carrying a tray of food to the nearby tables.

Do seagulls think since that waitress is using two hands to carry the tray then it is safe to swoop down and gobble a few chips, since she can't catch me or beat me. Who know what birds think.

It was good to eat out in the open. The sea air was fresh. The sun was doing its best to be friendly, and the wind was slight as cold caress. Eating out perhaps harks back to a primitive past, and it certainly enhances the eating experiance. Must be something to do with ozone, or air, or sunshine, anyway it is the best and we should all do it more often.

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