Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Green and white salad

Some things are just easy to eat. They are fresh and they are not filling. When you have finished eating them you don't feel as though you are about to burst your gut. There is no need to loosen your tie, undo your bra, pop the top button on your trousers, roll down your tights. You do not need to sigh with relief when you down the last mouthful, and then crawl off to bed to recover.

Some meals are like that they are unforgiving, and after eating them they seek revenge. I well remember the off-season mussels in Newcastle that had promised so much on the evening, but the next day attacked you and made you feel like a cerebal palsy victim performing delicate brain surgery with a chain saw.

Salads however are so forgiving. You can clean your plate and if there was more you could scoff off the same again. So I did a green and white salad and it disappear off the plate faster than butter off a hot knife.

Verdict: Ishmallah!!!

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