Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Bread of life

Why should you make bread? Well basically for the smell. If you come into a house where bread has been baked, it has got a wonderful welcoming aroma. When you take rolls from the oven and they are steaming fresh, you can hardly wait to slap some butter on them and see it melt into the warm pores of the bread. Bread and butter alone is a treat, but if you want to go overboard then the perfect combination is to add emental cheese with tomatoes, or if you want your delight to have a sharper taste then go for metvursti and pickled gherkins

Recipe: Maija's secret recipe

Water, yeast, salt, honey, oats, wholemeal four, white flour, olive oil and butter. You think she is going to give you exact amounts... no way... the dough is made by feel. You know when it is right and that only comes through experiance, and how do you get experiance? Well one of the best methods is to have five kids who all love the bread that you make, and will eat it as fast as you can make it.

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