Friday, March 18, 2005

Home made Sushi

I like raw fish. The Finns like raw Baltic herring. I have just discovered a new variation Limesilli and I thought it would go well with some sushi rice. It is a misapprehension that sushi is raw fish. In actual fact sushi refers to the pearl rice treated with the the rice vinegar sauce. It is true that raw fish features prominantly together with sushi, but to give it its proper name it is called sashimi. The rice is wraped in edible roasted seaweed called Nori.

The package of Nori that I bought was from Yutaka, and in it was a small sachet of moisture absorbant chemical, and on the package it said "DO NOT EAT", and there was I thinking I would make a sauce of it!!!

I made two rolls, one with cold smoked salmon, and the other with the lime Baltic herring. For some green colour I added some celery leaves. Dill might have been better. One sheet of nori can be cut into six parts. I used a very sharp knife and to make cutting easier, I warmed it with with hot water. Keeping the knife moist also helps. That sushi rice is very sticky. The two side sauces were sweet chilli and pineapple and the other Ketjap Manis a sweet soya sauce.

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