Saturday, March 12, 2005

Franco Sporco's in Trieste

Franco Sporco has a restuant in Trieste Northern Italy. I suppose his nickname would be "Frank the Pig". The special thing about Franco is that to get into Franco's you have to have connections. Someone who has his telephone number. You call him up and if he likes the sound of your voice then you can book a table. At Franco's there are no menus you eat what he cooks for you.

He has a cigar perminantly stuck in the corner of his mouth. A dish towel over his shoulder and flour on his hands and he cooks the most amazing fish. Fish is the only thing he ever cooks. For the meal he will give you 10 litres of either Tokai or Pinot Grigio, and as much cibbatta bread as you need to mop up the gravy from your plate. An evening will start at 8 o'clock and when the last course is served it will be well past midnight.

For starters he will do a clear clam soup, and after that some fritto misto to nibble on untill the main course arrives. His speciality is a lobster dish which has king prawns and mussels thrown in, and if he does you mussels on their own he only uses white wine, onion, chives, rock salt and black pepper for the sauce.

Two hours into the meal he will play LP's by Harry Belafonte. Mostly happy calypso songs "she jump up in the air come down in slow motion", and expects everybody to join in the chorus. Eating at Franco's is a very happy experiance.

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