Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Djam cake with cream and hot chocolate

Wedding anniversary 33 years and we go out for some coffee and cake, and a movie afterwards. Djam is Swedish but what the hell it is good stuff especially with some cream on the side and a drizzle of hot chocolate sauce covering the plate in a manner that would have made the action painter Jackson Pollack proud.

And the movie afterwards we went to BioCity where they don't do Hollywood. There was a good choice and it was a toss up between a french movie called the choir boys and a mongolian movie about a camel that cried.

I wanted the French movie since I did not want to have to say to anyone who asked me what did you do on your anniversary that I had been watching a mongolian movie abut a camel that wept. We went for the choirboy movie but before it began they showed a trailer for the camel that wept and I almost wished I had gone to see it.


Rambling Rose Cottage said...

That dessert looks simply delicious! Great, now I'm hungry! LOL

Apprentice said...

This djam cake is delicious with sour cream. A very happy anniversary to you both. I would have preferred the weeping camel myself.